Torus Link Volume 1

Torus Link Volume 1


This is the first part of Torus Link in graphic novel form, collecting the Prologue through Chapter 4 of Sides A and B each.

Read in full color, gloss print, two sides in one.
274 pages (137 on each side.)

All volumes are silk-matte, paperback cover.

***Estimated shipping time:
1-2 weeks (U.S.)
2-3 weeks (International)

***SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to help me spread Torus Link to more new readers, contact me @ [email protected]! I am eager to help additional copies of Volume 1 go to any of the following:

-Secondary/high school and middle school libraries
-Public libraries
-Local reading groups
-Any other groups dedicated to helping the world link up through comics and stories, and/or other places you might feel fit--- just let me know!

While I will have to ask for shipping costs to be covered, beyond this, I will happily donate any additional copies you request free of charge for any of the above.
Many, many thanks for helping me share TL. :) ***